Hello, my name is Ivica, and I would like you to see my special moments through the eye of the camera.

I was born in Croatia, and as a child, I always dreamed about a hurricane taking me to a place where I could be myself and do what I love and enjoy the most. After all, I was really seized by the hurricane which started in 2017. where as an exchange student in the United States, I bought my first camera and wanted to start some new story. And just like that, after 3 years of the US, I returned to Croatia where I begin my humble story.

I graduated from University of Osijek, Croatia, in the field of computer science. I am a real fan of sports,and I enjoy quality conversations. I am also a technology lover, but creativity is what I seek to improve. There comes a moment in a persons’ life when you simply find your inspiration, motivation, happiness and you are sure that it is the passion which you desire and need to be happy while you do what you love. It’s important to be yourself, to stay on the hurricane as far as you have the strength and willpower that carries you away from your comfort zone, because that’s the only way someone can improve and grow as a person.

Success is definitely a relative term, but for me, doing what you love is the definition of success and meaning we all search for. Every new project and new client are important for me to improve, and for that very reason, I approach everyone professionally and with care, which I consider as my greatest virtue. The fact that the person reading my article is potentially my new client and partner thrills me and gives extra motivation to continue and progress. Be a part of my success!

Elena Penava, social media manager

Elena is a person who specializes in the creative part of the job, but you may also meet her if you want us to present our ideas and results to you.

If she has to single out some social networks where she achieves the best results for you, her first choice is definitely TikTok. Excellent numbers and collaborations are already behind her, and her goal is not to stop there.

Elena writes and recites poetry in her spare time. She loves traveling, sports, and spending time in the gym, and her greatest love is being in front of the cameras. Therefore, you will probably often see her as an “actress” in one of our projects.